Working on positive and negative relief in art class.

Working on positive and negative relief in art class.

Visual Arts

Art education at Faith Lutheran School is taught at all grade levels. Preschool art is taught in the classroom as part of their entire curriculum.

Kindergarten through eighth grade have individual art classes in the art room.

We use the “Arts Attack” video-based art curriculum. At all levels, the emphasis is on the understanding of art elements and the development of drawing skills and painting techniques. The concepts are repeated at each level but always with a new subject and expansion of skills and understanding.

The 6 elements of art - line, color, value, shape, form, texture and space – are emphasized in the students art.

We also study famous artists to learn the art elements. Artists we talked about are: Paul Klee (Swiss), Winslow Homer (American), Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Fredrick Remington (American), Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Georgia O’Keefee (American), Native American Art and others. Student artwork is publically displayed at various locations throughout the year.