Amazing faith based education that is a great value.
— Nicole, parent

We engage, challenge, nurture, and love our students while building strong foundations that will guide them in life. Faith Lutheran School strives to provide an outstanding education that remains an affordable option for all of our families. All families, consistent with their ability, are encouraged to participate and give to the annual fundraisers and periodic capital campaigns to support new programs and other needs not covered by tuition alone.

2017-2018 Tuition

Pre-Kindergarten 4 Year Old/V.P.K. (monthly rate)

Free V.P.K. voucher from
$346.50 (5 day non-V.P.K.)

Package (includes Extended Care when school is in session)

$304.00 V.P.K. package
$620.50 (5 day non-V.P.K. package)

Pre-Kindergarten 3 Year Old (monthly rate)

$177.50 (2 day-Th/F)
$259.40 (3 day M/T/W)
$346.50 (5 day)

Package (includes Extended Care when school is in session)

$533.40 (3 day M/T/W package)
$620.50 (5 day package)

Grades 6-8

$613.20 (monthly)
$6,132.00 (yearly)

Kindergarten- Grade 5

$599.60 (monthly)
$5,996.00 (yearly)

Registration Fee

Please note that the Registration Fee is due at the time of enrollment. Full registration fees paid by March 1st receive a $100 discount.

 Pre-Kindergarten 3 Year Old


Kindergarten to Grade 8

$470 new student
$460 current student

Tuition Payment

For your convenience, we offer two different tuition payment options: a one-time payment and a monthly payment plan.

Before and After School Care-Extended Care

Extended Care is not included in the cost of tuition. Extended Care is provided from 6:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. at a cost of $4.00/hour on an as needed basis for all students or for preschool students are offered wrap-around options.


Lunches are prepaid in the school office.  See the school office if you have questions.