Matthew Wasmund

Current position:

Strategic Volunteer Coordinator - East Asia with the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod

How FLS influenced me:

Growing up the child of Lutheran educators teaching at the same school led to a logical, close connection to the community of faculty, staff, and church members. Seeing my parents invest countless hours in their vocation impacted me in deep ways: I respected their commitment and knew they did what they did as a service to many. Staying after school was a given, often rewarded with the chance to play longer on the playground, have free reign of the outdoor basketball court, and push textbooks from storage to classroom in red metal wagons. Extracurricular activities taught us discipline, skills, good sportsmanship, and other aspects of a well-rounded education. Like any school in the world, friendships were formed which have lasted to this day but with the added advantage of knowing we were a part of a caring, Christian community. I recall my years at Faith as preparing me academically, socially, mentally, and spiritually for the years that followed, paving the way to the blessed opportunity I have now as I continue the tradition of serving in God's mission of sharing the message of Christ. 

Harley Horsley

Current position:

Student-Athlete at the University of North Florida

How FLS influenced me:

I attended Faith Lutheran School for a large chunk of my life, and I would not be where I am today without Faith Lutheran Schools. First and foremost, my relationship with the Lord flourished as a student at FLS and has continued to grow throughout my life with the help of Pastor Kappel, my past teachers, and the other previous church leaders. Second, after graduating from Faith, I was abundantly prepared for high school and able to maintain a perfect GPA at Tavares High School. Having such great teachers that were genuinely invested in your success, unlike many public school teachers, contributed to my success as a student. There are still many times today that I am sitting in my college classes mentally thanking Faith as the writing and algebra skills that I learned there are the foundation of many of my classes. Third, the athletics at Faith began my career as a student-athlete and really helped me find my love for the sport. My coaches at the time, Mrs. Fritz and Pastor Eich, were very knowledgeable about their sports- volleyball, basketball, and track, and they did a great job sharing their skills with all of their players. I gained confidence, developed a good sportsmanship attitude, and learned the necessities of hard work and dedication. These skills I still carry with me today. My success as division 1 college Track and Field athlete is partially a result of my time spent at Faith Lutheran where I found my love for running. My time spent at Faith was a blessing in my life, and it has influenced me more than I could have ever imagined.



Faith Lutheran, 1977-1987
Eustis High School, 1987-1991
Clemson University, 1991-1996 (B.A.)
Indiana University - Bloomington, 2005-2008 (M.S.)
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, 2013 - present (M.A. in progress)



Faith Lutheran, 1990-2011
Tavares High School, 2011-2015
University of North Florida, 2015-Present (B.S. in Statistics )

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