Message from PTL Board

Hey Faith parents!

 It's hard to believe how fast this year has gone by! It has been busy, but we have had a great year serving on the PTL Board. We wanted to give a final update of all the wonderful things that have happened this year.

  • We started the year with a Back to School lunch for the staff

  • Hosted a Boo-hoo/Yahoo breakfast for all the Kindergarten parents

  • We served at Grandparents Day, Literacy Fair, and the book fairs

  • Trunk or Treat was a big hit with lots of decorated cars and tons of kids

  • Hosted our 19th Annual Auction and raised almost $18,000 for the school!

  • Held 10 Spirit Nights, which raised over $2500 for the classrooms! (not counting the last 2)

  • Showed the staff our appreciation with monthly gifts, as well as a packed full week of appreciation the beginning of May

Thank you to everyone who helped out in any way this year! We really appreciate you and all you do! We could not have accomplished all this on our own. 

Next year, we have will be adding our Annual Golf Tournament back into the mix and hopefully some more fun family events. We hope that you will consider joining us next year to grow and do even more. When we T.E.A.M up with the school Together Everyone Achieves More. It can be something as simple as writing thank you cards or baking cookies a couple times a year. Being part of the PTL does not mean you have to be at the school everyday. :)

This year we focused on the school and meeting their needs, but the PTL is also looking to sow into your life as well. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see offered that would bless you. Classes, outings, informational meetings, etc. 

With all the money raised, we want to be transparent in where it all goes. The spirit night money goes directly to the classroom teacher to purchase items for the class. Things like STEM project materials, flexible seating, new book sets, art supplies, aprons, etc. The money from the auction was used for Teacher Appreciation Week and we will be putting a big chunk of it in the Safety Fund which will be used to increase safety measures around the school. We can all agree that keeping our kids safe at school is a priority for us and Faith has some plans in the works to ensure they are doing just that. Be on the lookout next year for ways to help get it all funded and in place!

We hope you all have a fantastic summer!

The PTL Board

20th Annual Auction

20th Annual Auction

Parent Teacher League (PTL)

This organization tries to establish closer cooperation between the home and school. The role of the PTL is to support Faith Lutheran School, communicate and interact with the teachers, organize and work to achieve successful fundraisers and activities, and to establish a resource/network group of parents to help Faith Lutheran School reach its goals.


The mission of the PTL is to support the school and keep parents informed and connected while providing an opportunity to further develop a positive, family-friendly Christian community. Our main objective is to foster Christian education. We do this by bringing the home and the school into a close relationship, with parents and teachers cooperating in educating the children.


The purpose of the PTL is two-fold: first, to support the school through a parent volunteer system. The PTL helps manage and coordinate some of the various volunteer opportunities that truly help the school function on a daily basis. Secondly, the PTL supports the school by providing incremental funds and monetary support generated through select events. The events are organized by the PTL volunteers and all of the events/initiatives are in support of the overall mission and vision of the school.

In addition to the PTL officers, each event has a leader. Event leaders are identified to coordinate specific plans and needs with each event. All parents in the school are encouraged to participate in activities that would interest them and volunteer their time on that committee accordingly. Time commitments vary greatly and each event leader would welcome any amount of support. The school relies on parent volunteers to provide the support for students and staff.

How do parents get involved?

Parents are encouraged to attend the PTL meetings. However, parents can get involved any time throughout the year, although most committees encourage parents to sign up at the beginning of the year so that plans can be made and responsibilities can be determined.

What should parents do if they have an idea or concern they want to address with the PTL?

Parents can provide input, questions, or ideas to any PTL officer throughout the year. At the PTL meetings parents are encouraged to attend and address any question, concern, or suggestion. Please feel free to contact the school office in advance of any meeting.