We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul...
— Hebrews 6:19, 2016-2017 Theme Verse

We believe that the most effective influences in a child's life can be combined and strengthened when the home, church, and school work together. Faith Lutheran School, as an integral part of our church's total ministry, attempts to meet the needs of the families from our congregation and the surrounding community. Our school serves both as an agency of nurture for our congregational children and as an outreach into the community. We consider Faith Lutheran School to be an extension of the home and a partner with parents.

We believe that all abilities and talents are gifts from God. Our goal is that each child will discover his gifts and use them to his greatest potential, both personally and for the good of society. It is the purpose of our school to strive for excellence in education in a Christian setting. Our goal is to maintain good working relationships between school and home, home and church, and teacher and parents through regular communication. Formal and informal evaluation takes place regularly in all areas of the school. This is done to maintain appropriate programs, the highest possible academic standards, and a Christian environment.

First grade takes the "Chosen" bus on a field trip.

First grade takes the "Chosen" bus on a field trip.

Every teacher at Faith Lutheran School is committed to helping your student reach his or her academic potential. Our teachers are available throughout the year for parent conferences (by appointment) to discuss ways both you and the teacher can help your student reach his or her potential in the classroom.

Middle School students have regularly scheduled study halls. During this time, students are allowed to work on homework assignments and projects, and may seek out a specific teacher for extra assistance. If additional help is needed, your student may also contact a particular teacher to request an extra help session.